Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Windows?? nahhhhhh!

Ok, so I have been working alot on mac, for my new project. Today I came back to windows and it seems something is missing.

Hats off to developers of mac os, they have really put everything into its GUI, which windows still lacks a lot.

What I have been having problem with in windows was that if you want to scroll a page, you have to bring it to focus, unlike mac where its as easy as point and scroll.

So off I went googling, because I was hating microsoft people for not having this feature on their most recent version of windows. After a few clicks, I was able to have the same point and scroll on my windows too. Thanks to this small and very useful application named "WizMouse". It really helps when you are developing, and scrolling is all you need.

Download link: WizMouse