Sunday, 14 August 2011

Vision for those who can't see

Following the simple line followers, I did my final year project on something which was much more complex and interesting (atleast it was for me). So, our group developed a prototype Guidance System to help Visually Impaired persons with their daily life.

Basically the concept behind this project was to first limit ourselves to the simplest scenarios a visually impaired person could possibly be in, and then develop a prototype system. Once that system was developed, we moved on to the next level, and did further testing.

So, for now we limited our project to work indoors with straight paths in corridors of our university. On completion of this project, with further research, complexity of the project was increased step by step.

In the first phase, testing was done using a mobile robot platform.

In simple words, what we were doing in this phase was to use edges detected to find out vanishing point for each frame. After that deviation of robot was calculated, using two markers for left and right movement respectively. This deviation was used to make decision for the movement of mobile robot, guiding the robot to correct that deviation.