Monday, 12 September 2011

Linux Like Installation of OpenCV 2.3.0 on Windows

So you have been using Linux for opencv programming lately and now, for some reason, have no other option then to work on Windows. I too have to go through the same situation when I had nothing but Windows on my desktop and I was been too lazy to install Linux or maybe I wanted Windows for gaming.

Well this is your lucky day then, because I will be guiding you through 'Linux-Like-Installation' of OpenCV 2.3.0 on Windows. This guide will use minimum possible Linux System installation , hence it wont take much time to setup except for OpenCV compilation which takes sometime (and hey we all need sometime to relax)
First step is to download all the packages required for setup. Here are the direct links to the packages. You can also google these packages if, for some reason, you can not download them from here.
  1. Minimalist GNU for Windows: TDM-MinGW-4.5.2
  2. Cmake 2.8.4: cmake-2.8.4-win32-x86
  3. MSYS 1.0.10: MSYS-1.0.10
  4. OpenCV 2.3.0 Source: OpenCV 2.3.0