Wednesday, 25 January 2012

GSVI v2.0 real-time

After having finished the prototype guidance system earlier, an idea struck into my mind to make it real-time. Since everything was implemented in matlab (for the prototype) and because matlab is not good for real-time systems, I had to implement everything again (well sort of) in C++. I love working with OpenCV so there I began, doing all the stuff again in C++ using OpenCV library.

After much work, and tunning it with different algo's, i finally had it up and running. However, now came the main problem of testing this system in a real envoirnment, and since I have implmented everything on my desktop, it was impossible to take the desktop in a real path. So I took my camera and shot a small clip simulating a blind person walking, and deviading in both left and right directions slightly and then coming back to straight path.
I opened up this video using OpenCV and simply ran my code, the output was really impressive. This was the first time my system was working in a real world scenario, without controlled conditions.

Here is the output from the actual code: