Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Light bulb!

"An Idea" Yes! I did this Illustration as well

While I was tangled in a web of courseworks for the past few months, I had some really amazing ideas about a lot of different computer vision applications. Fortunately for me, I managed to write few of these  down on a piece of paper whenever they struck me. I have always had the habit of being lazy and not writing things down, when I have them in mind. Because of this, I somehow always ended up forgetting some of the awesome ideas. Knowing the ideas were awesome and not knowing what they actually were always made me feel like hitting myself into a wall.

Well, coming back to the ideas, I have been doing a lot of courseworks lately for my masters in Computer Vision Engineering at the University of Sheffield. These courseworks are directly related to computer vision applications in real world scenarios. While doing work for these courseworks, I had really odd and different ideas about some computer vision applications. 

Right now I cant write them down in here. No matter how small these ideas are, they are different and unique. I am still working on few projects with these. One thing is for sure, I have already gotten to know the importance of thinking out of the box. While others are using the same old techniques to come up with a solution, I tend to give the problem a new approach. This approach is not always the shortest path to the solution, but its unique! unique to me. Continuing this thinking process, I believe someday I will end up having an idea of my life (or others life as I like to do work for assistive technology) . I just hope that when it does strike, I better have my notebook ready to write it down!!