Friday, 1 March 2013

Computer Vision in Matlab

Over the time of my research I have found out that it is really difficult to get access to actual codes that different authors use in their implementation for their publication.

I just found out about a very good link where you can find basic algorithms and  implementations of different image processing techniques which can be useful for a person doing research in these field.

Here is the link ( Peter's Functions for Computer Vision ):

Kudos to the University of Australia for putting this online for other researchers.

Update 07/03/2013: Since I wrote this post, I have found numerous matlab implementation pages online. I am sharing a list below.

Right now I have just listed down all the available toolboxes and codes. I will be sorting and updating this list soon.

Damien's Matlab library @ University of Li├Ęge:

VisionLab @ Johns Hopkins University

Vision Research Lab @ UCSB

Computer Vision Source Codes @ CMU

Balu Toolbox for Matlab @ ING

Matlab Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Toolbox @ Naotoshi Seo

Camera Calibration Toolbox @ Caltech

Multiple View Geometry @ Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision (CODE)

Tutorial on Stereo Vision @ cvmatlab blog

Optical Flow, PCA and Human Motion Tracking @ Michael J. Black (Brown University)

Stereo and Optical Flow Code @ UMD

Kernel based object recognition @ The University Of Queensland ( Mehrtash Harandi )

Piotr's Image & Video Matlab Toolbox @ UCSD

Computer Vision Source Codes for Selected topics @ Clickdamage

Different Computer Vision Projects with Code (Including Camshift) @ My Gerg Life blog

Machine Vision Toolbox @ Peter Corke (Author of Robots, Vision and Control)

Computer Vision Tools and Tutorials @ Sunglok Choi

Color Based Image Segmentation @ Computer Vision Research Group UWO

Matlab toolbox for multiscale Image processing @ NYU

Other related lists:

A total comprehensive list of matlab functions, (related to graphics and other topics) can be found at John Burkardt's webpage:

A comprehensive list of different computer vision related datasets and links can be found here:

Comprehensive List of Available CV Code @ Visionbib:

Computer Vision Coursework
Computer Vision Coursework @ UMIACS

Computer Vision Coursework @ UTA

Computer Vision Coursework @ WUSTL

Computer Vision Coursework @ Illinois

Computer Vision Coursework @ TONGJI University

Computer Vision Coursework @ Johns Hopkins University

Computer Vision Coursework @ University of Sussex

Computer Vision Coursework @ UCSD

Computer Vision Coursework @ ITTC

The above list is just to facilitate anyone doing research in this field. If you do use the codes or lecture notes for publication or any other purposes please ask permission of the respective authors first, and cite the respective publication.