Monday, 10 June 2013

Programming Inception - Function within a function

This post is about a small but vital part in one of my projects in the past. This specific part of my project dealt with interpolation of quantized silhouette images, using a simple averaging based recursive interpolation.
Okay, I know its difficult to understand, but don't just stop reading yet. The most interesting part about this is that it can be related to the concept of "programming inception". You might be wondering this is something very difficult or deep. Don't concentrate too hard like cobb here, from the movie inception. This concept is as simple as it can get, its just that at first its difficult to get.

If you are like me and have watched "Inception" several times, then recursion in programming can be thought of having a dream within a dream. The more number of levels of dream you go into, the more specific to details you get. Likewise, a recursive function calls itself with its input and uses the outputs in multiple layers of levels to get deeper and closer to the answer, just like cobb did in the movie to plot an idea in a deep dream level.