Sunday, 25 May 2014

The journey of my sketches

Okay, this post is not related to anything this blog is about, however I have a feeling that this might be interesting for atleast someone.

Well when I started to write this post, it was more about how I learned to sketch with all the sketches I did and the reasons why I did them. Now after writing this post, it looks more like a journey, a journey which started sometime back. I had no skill, no proper tools, no knowledge about sketching and at some point I never thought I would do it at all. This all started one day when I was extremely bored and free, and I thought it would be cool to learn how to sketch. I started looking at other people's sketches on deviantart and tried to replicate most of the things they had done in their sketches.

My first sketch had soldiers in them. At the time I used to watch TV series "Band of brothers" and thought it would be cool to do one of the wallpapers in pencil. It was hard at first, but gradually I learned a few tricks. This was pretty basic and required not a lot of skill.

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