Sunday, 24 May 2015

What if I told you, you can use OpenCV code with Matlab mex!!

Matlab is probably one of the best tools for quickly prototyping and testing your research ideas. As quick and flexible it is, sometimes Matlab code can consume a lot of execution time. This is specifically a big hurdle when multiple experiments need to be run. A real-time execution alternative is to implement Matlab compatible C++ code and compile it with mex-compiler. While this works most of the time, it is well known that quickly implementing ideas in C++ is not possible.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What inspires me?

Admit it or not but everyone needs a little motivation or inspiration now and then. I myself have been heavily inspired, motivated and influenced by a number of things. While I do believe that I cannot write every single thing down in this post, what I can do instead is to share with everyone some of the videos/talks that have had impact on me and have made me self reflect and think about a number of things that are wrong/right or maybe discussions that do not have any conclusion at all.