Saturday, 16 April 2016

OpenCVKinect 2.0 - Acquiring Kinect depth stream in OpenCV

It has been almost two years since I first wrote the code for OpenCVKinect. It has been really good to know that it has been used by a number of other students/developers at GitHub for collecting and analysing Kinect depth streams in OpenCV. I have had some feedback about a possible bug and some students have asked how they can visualize the depth maps in a better way. So today, after a long time, I am releasing the first official update to this project.

This update includes the following

- Fix no stream when selecting color or depth stream alone
- Added example for colorizing depth map for better visualization.
- Added OpenCV and OpenNI libraries and include folder - making the project work out-of-the-box only requiring installation of Kinect SDK 1.8.
- Sample data collected using Kinect - includes examples of different visualizations of depth map

I have added a simple function that demonstrates how depth map can be visualized using applyColorMap function that applies a matlab equivalent colormap on a given image.

The update can be found as a GitHub respository at: