Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Game hackathon for Cancer Research UK

Over the weekend I was at the google campus london for the hackathon for Cancer Research UK. The objective of this hackathon was to convert dna data into an interactive and social game to help accelerate the cancer research. The data provided by Cancer Research UK had different mutations in dna, which could be identified by sudden shift in the data points. Approximately 40 developers and gamer spent 48 hours to design different games that utilized this data, had the social gaming experience and above all provided some feedback for easy identification of the dna mutations resulting in Cancer.

The outcome was a number of games with different diverse ideas, each one focusing on one thing, to analyse the data using human eye. More details on this event coming soon, as we are all waiting to hear about it from Cancer Research UK.

Report on this event can be found here: 
City University Press Release on this event:

Friday, 1 March 2013

Computer Vision in Matlab

Over the time of my research I have found out that it is really difficult to get access to actual codes that different authors use in their implementation for their publication.

I just found out about a very good link where you can find basic algorithms and  implementations of different image processing techniques which can be useful for a person doing research in these field.

Here is the link ( Peter's Functions for Computer Vision ):

Kudos to the University of Australia for putting this online for other researchers.

Update 07/03/2013: Since I wrote this post, I have found numerous matlab implementation pages online. I am sharing a list below.

Right now I have just listed down all the available toolboxes and codes. I will be sorting and updating this list soon.