Monday, 26 August 2013

OUT-A-TIME: What is the fourth dimension?

I have been doing my research using three dimensional datasets acquired from both real and synthetic methods. During my past research I utilized Microsoft Kinect to acquire real-world objects in their three dimensional space. On the contrary I have also used computer graphics to generate such three dimensional datasets. Some other projects I have worked on have also revolved around concepts which were vaguely related to different multi-dimensions.

Working with these multi-dimensional datasets, I have always been interested in finding out how these multi-dimensions would exist in reality (if they ever did). Here I was more interested in the question about physical space we live in. Annoyingly this has always confused me. I simple could not comprehend more than three dimensions.

For those of you who are familiar with the picture below, this post is going to be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to write.

Recently I saw a video from Carl Sagan's Cosmos,  in which Carl explained this familiar, but completely confusing topic using an extremely good approach. In order for you to follow my discussion below I highly recommend you to watch this video first. I personally believe that this concept can not be explained in a better and easy way than this video:

After watching this, a lot of further questions came to my mind. I also tried to think about the possible relations of some of the existing phenomenons with the fourth dimension.

Okay so now this is going to sound crazy, but these could possibly be the explanation to the physical existence of such multi-dimensions. One explanation could be that the fourth dimension is where most of the unseen phenomenons like ghosts, angels, daemons etc. exists. Of course its kind of fictional, but some faiths do believe in these invisible beings, and if that is true, then they could all be coexisting with us in this fourth dimension.

Another possible explanation to the fourth dimension comes from the vastness of universe itself. Some scientists say that the universe is so big, that the concept of time and physical existence might be totally different to as what we currently believe and experience. We only exist in a tiny fraction of a large space. If the fourth dimension is time and if we were to physically exist and move in that, then time travel could be possible. However since, we are trapped in these three dimensions, we are only able to comprehend and believe what we see. I hope future research on this topic can result in some cool time machine gadgets like the delorean from Back to the Future (hahahaha).

Lastly a bunch of questions: why are we limited to three dimensions? what are the possibilities of having more than these 3 dimensions? if we were able to access multi-dimensional space what could be the consequences? would we be able to understand the universe and our existence in it better? or will it just open a door to a whole new world, which after all these years, have been coexisting with ours?

As always, I have curiosity to know more.... but I am limited by my knowledge and trapped in this three dimensional physical space... at least for the near future..