Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Different types of Randomness..

Randomness is an integral part of a number of programming algorithms. In fact most of my research until now has been based on a computer algorithm that only uses random numbers for learning a specific task.

A while back I was trying to write some code to define and visualize different Random number generation models. For this task I was playing with a number of different algorithms and visualizing the output on a (kind of a ) probability map. [Not to mention that I use OpenCV for this project as well].

Some of these maps looked pretty cool, so I am just embedding them in this post - also if anyone is interested I have shared the link to this project at the bottom of this post, check that and modify --> make your own random distributions :D

So the input to each of my functions is a Uniform Distribution which looks like this:
A 2D Uniform Distribution

Output distributions include:
A 2D Gaussian Distribution

A 2D Mixture Distribution

A 2D Custom Distribution

The code for this project can be cloned from